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Pretty In Pink Mother's Day - An Island Hideaway

Pretty In Pink Mother’s Day – An Island Hideaway

Happy Mother’s Day! We hope that all the Mum’s out there enjoyed a blissful Sunday and that you got sleep-in’s, breakfast in bed & loads of cuddles!

An Island Hideaway certainly celebrated with lots of wonderful Mum’s at our annual Pretty In Pink Mother’s Day in support of the McGrath Foundation!

Fantastic food, wonderful entertainment by Dr Love & lots of enthusiastic participants in our games & raffles made for a fun filled day!

Congratulations again to all our prize winners!

For all our participants in our trivia comp please find the answers below:-

  1. What is the main ingredient in mayonnaise?

Answer: Egg Yolks

2.  What Country & Hat Shares The Same Name?

Answer: Panama

3. How many countries are larger than Australia?

Answer: 5 –  Russia, Canada, China, Usa & Brazil

4.  How many ships were in the first fleet?

Answer: 11

5. What is the name for an X-ray of the breast that is used to help detect cancer?

Answer: Mammogram

6. In rhyming slang, if someone said they were going to have a ‘bo-peep’ what would they be doing?

A: Going for a sleep

7. How many C’s denote the value of a diamond?

Answer – 4 = Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat

8. According to Tina Turna, what is the speed limit in ‘Nutbush’?

Answer – 25MPH

 9.   Which is the lowest whole number, when spelled out, is in correct alphabetical order?

Answer: Forty 

10. My real name is Stevland Morris Hardaway and I am well known for songs like “Sir Duke” and “Superstition”. Who am I?

Answer: Stevie Wonder

11. Of which 3 fingers does the nail grow the fastest:-

Answer: b.      The Middle

 12. True or False: Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the US Treasury?

Answer: True

13.  What is the percentage of Africa that is wilderness?

Answer: 28%

14. Based on current evidence, which of the following is NOT a potential risk factor for breast cancer?

Answer:  B. Wearing underwire bra’s 

15.  What is the only animal that has 4 knees?

Answer: An Elephant

16. How Old is South Stradbroke Island?

Answer: a. 12 Thousand Years Old

17. What does not live, but can die?

Answer: A Battery

18.  Name all the children from the TV show the  Brady Bunch

Answer: Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby & Cindy

19.  How many staff make up the total team of An Island Hideaway?

Answer: 15 (Michele, Romano Senior, Benny, Mindy, Erin, Vanessa, Michelle, James, Chef John, Jonno, Donna, Brian, Paul, Romano Jnr & Tommaso. 

20. I hang or stand by a wall, run fast with hands but no feet at all, what am I?

Answer: A clock