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Gold Coast Weddings - Jared & Jenna

Gold Coast Weddings – Jared & Jenna

Jenna and Jared who were married with us on the 10/02/2021 have recently been to our Gold Coast Weddings destination for Jake and Sarah’s wedding and we were so thrilled to have them back, but this time as guests… This is what they had to say;

“So we were just so excited to visit again for our friends, Jake & Sarah’s wedding. It was fantastic to celebrate with the beautiful couple and also to just reminisce. I loved taking a walk in the shoes of my guests as there were so many things I hadn’t noticed during my bridal buzz three years ago!

We started the celebrations with the ferry ride into the island. I was never sure how my guests felt about travelling in on the ferry, however, I found it so lovely to unwind on the water, connect with other guests & experience the excitement build as we journeyed with the groom to meet his gorgeous bride. The arrival at the island had the same effect it had on me three years ago where I immediately felt so relaxed amongst the tall trees & sunshine, worlds away from home. I noticed the details this time, the gorgeous wooden boardwalk, the outdoor lanterns, the rustic features of the bridal cottage & gorgeous colours created by the sun-shining through the stained glass windows in the open air chapel (which of course, Jared & I snuck off to revisit during the evening).

The reports were correct, the champagne & great eats amongst the tropical garden backdrop made for a wonderful intermission & lots of chatter with the rest of the wedding party & guests. The reception area was even more gorgeous than I’d remembered. The fairy lights, clean white decorative accents & gorgeous settings created a laid-back yet elegant feel. The buffet was delicious & the large wooden dance floor was just as inviting as I remembered. As a guest, the day felt as though it simply flowed effortlessly but went by so quickly! When we planned our day, I remember feeling concerned that guests couldn’t leave the island independently as the night went on. However, being a guest, I realised that none of us wanted to leave, even when we had to anyway.

Since the island Jared and I have simply fallen more in love with each other & doing life together is the best decision ever!”

Jared and Jenna are one of the many beautiful couples that we have had the privilege of working with at our Gold Coast Weddings destination and we couldn’t be happier for them and their beautiful life together now. See some of the pics below of their life since their wedding <3

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Gold Coast Weddings

Gold Coast Weddings

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