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Gold Coast Weddings at An Island Hideaway on the month of June

It’s no secret, winter is ‘off-peak’ for the wedding industry. Winter – June, July and August.  But why? There are so many advantages of having your wedding in the winter months, especially here in sunny Queensland. Why not embrace the subtler temperatures between June and August and reap the benefits.

Gold Coast Weddings in winter will be comfortable in their finery all day, without suffering from scorching sun and dampness. The ceremony and reception venues are all quiet at this time of year as it is not generally known that it is, in fact, the best time of all to get married in winter in a Tropical environment such as the Gold Coast. You will be able to get a much better choice of venues and suppliers to quote you as there will be more availability, rather than having to just choose who can accept a booking on the dates you want to have. Below are the most important points to consider in choosing winter season on a Gold Coast wedding venue.

As the temperature is definitely going to be cooler than the Summer months, you will most probably be having your ceremony inside. This takes the headache out of worrying about the weather on the day and whether it will be outdoors as planned or suddenly having to decide on the day to go with ‘Plan B’ and set up everything inside at the last minute, causing enormous stress for everyone and not what you had imagined your dream wedding would be like.

Some people seriously don’t deal well in the heat. It makes them irritated, cranky, and not to mention a sweaty mess. There are looks that just suit winter as a time of year more than summer. You can embrace the fair-skinned look without worrying about getting a pre-wedding tan. For a winter wedding, you have more options in wedding dress styles, including looks that are more flattering and sophisticated than middle-of-summer dresses. You won’t be hot and sweaty in your gown, and neither will the men be in their three-piece suits.

Venues and suppliers tend to have reduced rates during the winter months from June to August. This could make sticking to your wedding budget a lot easier, and allow you to splurge on other things like your honeymoon or a home deposit. Winter weddings are simply more cost-effective than weddings held in the other hotter months.

The cooler weather gives you the perfect opportunity to fill your wedding with the cutest bits and pieces. A winter wedding allows you to really play around with your styling. You can take advantage of the cooler weather to create a cosy, intimate and seriously romantic setting for your wedding celebrations.
There’s nothing quite like that golden winter light when it comes to your wedding photos, too – there’s a reason why you hear so many photographers singing the praises of winter weddings! Winter light is generally softer, warmer and more flattering than the harsher lighting we experience during summer. Winter on the Gold Coast Wedding Venue really is one of the most picturesque times of the year.