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Gold Coast Island Wedding – Trending Wedding Favours

Gold Coast Island Wedding – Trending Wedding Favours

Over the last few weeks at our Gold Coast Island Wedding destination we have been seeing some amazing wedding favours and a lot of the time these are items that get left to the last minute.

We thought we would share some ideas to help you out when planning what you will be doing for your special day because after all this is a very special gift that your friends and family get to have as a keepsake.

Idea #1: Succulents – Succulents are such a fantastic idea because they are something that you don’t have to water regularly so you can get them nice and early before your wedding and they won’t die! It is the perfect gift for people who don’t have the greenest of thumbs but want a lasting memory of the evening. This is also an alternate to having flowers on the table and adds colour to the room.

Gold Coast Island Wedding

Idea #2: Candles – These and Succulents have been the most popular at the moment. Candles are such a great idea as almost everyone loves a beautiful smelling candle so you can’t go wrong.


Idea # 3: Mason jars filled with candy – the perfect idea for people with a sweet tooth and a great addition for your guests as a mini lolly buffet just for them.

mason jars

Idea # 3: Donuts – Our Gold Coast Island Wedding venue recently hosted a wedding where they brought donuts and cronuts for all of their guests… Let’s just say that we haven’t seen adults that happy in a long time. These are a huge hit!


Idea # 4: Salt & Pepper Shakers – this is a very cute idea and something that the guests will have in their house forever and use very frequently. A cute idea would be to get some that are in the shape of a love heart or 2 doves kissing.


At our Gold Coast Island Wedding venue we see some fantastic ideas. Contact us if you have any queries.