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Gold Coast Function Venue – Our Home Away From Home

Gold Coast Function Venue – Our Home Away From Home

Our Gold Coast Function Venue, An Island Hideaway is truly our home away from home. South Stradbroke has an amazing history so I thought that I would share a little bit of that with you!

Once upon a time North Stradbroke Island and South Stradbroke Island were connected and were completely protected from the full force of the Pacific Ocean.

So how did Stradbroke Island become two completely separate islands you ask? Well in 1894 Stradbroke was pretty much cut in half with a massive breakthrough of water from the ocean that started at a place called Jumpinpin.

Unfortunately there was a shipwreck that took place off the ocean and broke through the islands. The ship was carrying alcohol and explosives on board. Luckily the explosives didn’t go off and that isn’t what caused the separation in the two islands. All of this activity that took place plus the storms and the tides changing dramatically made our island what it is today! It is a sad history but one that made a massive impact on the Gold Coast now.

Our Gold Coast Function Venue is situated on four whole acres of this glorious island that is about 22 Km’s long and 2.5 Km’s wide. There aren’t many places that you can get married where there is a history like this so close to home. South Stradbroke is a very popular destination to visit during the weekends and even to camp at. People are so shocked by how preserved and natural it is with all of the wildlife that inhabits it and it continues to make people impressed and excited.

There are many reasons that we chose to buy the land there and make it an amazing Gold Coast Function Venue but the main one is that it is just so unique and private and it is our perfect home away from home! We love sharing our special place with all of you <3

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Gold Coast Function Venue

Gold Coast Function Venue

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