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Gold Coast Family Fun Day - An Island Hideaway

Gold Coast Family Fun Day – An Island Hideaway

On the 26th August 2012, An Island Hideaway will be hosting Shake off the Winter Blue’s – Gold Coast Family Fun Day Event!


We all spend a lot of time indoors every day. Children spend at least 6 hours a day at school and the majority of us Adults spend at least 7 hours indoors at work. Not to mention the time we take to eat & sleep, inside. The time we spend cooped up increases dramatically in the winter months… It’s darker earlier and it’s chilly lessening our want to be out in the elements.

As society dives head-first into this hi-tech world it is apparent that kids these days spend more time on electronic devices inside than what they do getting dirty… making forts, going on adventures, building cubby houses, playing tiggy or even riding a bike.

Fresh air is highly underrated, and do you know where you can get a lot of fresh air? I’ll give you one guess… outside and preferably away from a city!

  1. Fresh air is good for digestion
  2. Fresh air improves blood pressure & heart rate
  3. Fresh air makes you happier
  4. Fresh air strengthens your immune system
  5. Fresh air cleans your lungs
  6. Fresh air allows you to have more energy & a sharper mind.


For relaxation, there’s nothing like the beach, when was the last time you just sat back & relaxed? High stress levels release toxins in the body that can lead to all types of various health problems. Going to the beach can instantly soothe your psyche, whether it’s building sand castles with the kids, playing beach bocce or simply just watching the water.


An Island Hideaway gives you the opportunity to access one of the only beaches on the east coast of Australia where you find barely any foot prints – the last untouched coastline.

Apart from the points above, having a family day out is essential to building strong family bonds, reconnecting and spending some time together.  So if your little tikes are in need of some good old fashioned outdoor activity then An Island Hideaway is the place to come.

Take advantage of this great family fun day, get out and shake off the winter blues at An Island Hideaway with our fantastic family fun offer – 2 Adults & 2 Children (children between the ages of 2 – 12) for a total of $150.00. Hurry because this offer expires on the 10th August 2012. All bookings must be booked & paid before the 10.08.2012.

Treat yourself! We look forward to seeing you at An Island Hideaway – South Stradbroke Island.

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