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Gold Coast Ceremony Venues – Leah & Paul

Gold Coast Ceremony Venues – Leah & Paul

On the 11th of June 2015 the lovely Mr & Mrs Van Der Werf and their kids set sail for our Gold Coast Ceremony Venues destination. Why you may ask? Well this was the date that 10 years ago they stood in our beach side chapel and said their I do’s! Imagine being married at the place that you treasured so much and then to be able to go back with your children and show them the exact spot that you pledged to be together forever. Not to mention that Leah and Paul renewed their vows with the same celebrant, Gary Taylor, that they had all that time ago.

Being able to witness marriages on a regular basis is such a gift to be a part of but then to be able to have a couple back after 10 years to renew their vows and show their little ones is a whole new level of excitement. True love and long lasting love is a gift that is hard to find but once you do, it is the most magical experience. It takes a lot of work and you have to respect and support each other 110% and that is clearly what Leah and Paul have done to be able to reach this point in their lives and relationship.

Our Gold Coast Ceremony Venues destination was spruced up and ready to go with Gary Taylor, our recommended Celebrant, awaiting their arrival and by the time Leah and Paul got there it was time to get this 10 year renewal on the road.

Leah and Paul had one of our recommended photographers, Deanne Keefe, taking photos before and after so make sure you stayed tuned to see their photos and also a little background information.

Congratulations Leah and Paul and Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

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