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Gold Coast Ceremony Venue – Bridesmaids Duties

Gold Coast Ceremony Venue – Bridesmaids Duties

Have you been given the most wonderful honour of becoming a bridesmaid?

If so, congratulations! This is not just an exciting day for your friend and bride but it is now going to be a day that also consumes you. You are one of the most important parts of the day and can have a huge impact on how things run from start to finish.

Our fantastic team at our Gold Coast Ceremony Venue, An Island Hideaway have come up with a few tips to help you be the best bridesmaid ever!

Tip #1 – Make sure you ask questions the right way so you don’t stress her out.

Instead of simply asking, “What do you need help with?” offer to do something more specific so she doesn’t then revert to the endless list of tasks inside her head and get flustered. For example, ask the bride if she would like you come shopping to help her buy stationery for the invitations. See the difference?  Your bride may not even know what she needs help with yet so suggesting ideas is great!

Tip #2 – Make sure that you make yourself as available as possible. These days it is nearly impossible to get everyone together at the same time so you need to try your best because decisions can’t be made if all of the important people aren’t there to help.

Tip #3 – Don’t complain. This is a major point to remember! Don’t be that bridesmaid that complains about the little details you have to do as part of your duties. Think about how much the bride has to organise herself and embrace the fact that your bride wants you on her big day and all of the days before hand.

Tip #4 – Provide all of the emotional support that your bride needs before and on the wedding day, have tissues and touch up make on standby at all times!

Our Gold Coast Ceremony Venue sees just how wonderful bridesmaids truly are and why they are part of weddings so hopefully these tips can help you be the best bridesmaid possible.

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