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Gold Coast Beach Wedding Venue - Wearing White

Gold Coast Beach Wedding Venue – Wearing White

I recently read an article on a bride who wore a very amazing red wedding dress instead of white and for some reason this has stuck with me!

Since my time at our very unique Gold Coast Beach Wedding Venue I haven’t seen a bride walk the walk in any other colour but white. So I want to know your thoughts?

Do you think that it is still mandatory to wear white?  At the end of the day it is your wedding and you should be able to wear any colour or style that you want. This particular bride was asked why she chose red and her reply was very simple, “Because I just wanted to wear red.” I think that is a pretty good response.

As I am sure you can imagine wearing any other colour than white… especially red would have been extremely hard to find! At our Gold Coast Beach Wedding Venue, An Island Hideaway, we see lots of beautiful and different wedding dresses and absolutely love the thought of this.

If you are getting married in the near future please don’t feel that you have to succumb to what is known as ‘tradition’ or ‘the norm’. Dare to be different and branch out if that’s what you want. We would love to see the tables reversed by having the bride wear the statement colour and the bridesmaids wear white.

After all there a lot of things that are changing in the wedding industry and becoming new trends which I have blogged about recently like mismatched bridesmaids dresses, different rings to suit the person not necessarily the most expensive diamond and of course the vintage themed décor.

Hopefully we will see something very daring like this!

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