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Gold Coast Beach Wedding of May at An Island Hideaway

Gold Coast Beach Wedding of May at An Island Hideaway

In the marvelous month of May is when all the buds are bursting and all the birds are singing. May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.

Emerald is the birthstone of May which carries the rich green color and radiates a beautiful vivid tone. They are considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love. Emeralds are the rarest gemstones.

Gold Coast beach wedding  in the month of May is the best time for new beginnings, to celebrate love and start a new life together as a newly married couple.

May is one of the most popular wedding months for good reason— Gold Coast beach wedding provide warmer weather and the feeling of rebirth and renewal, which is so appropriate for a wedding and  inherently romantic month.

May provides warmer weather with flowers in full bloom. Emerging from the warm weather of summer, the month of May is such a welcoming time to host your special day. On this month, wedding should see good attendance. And after the hot, burning summer, your friends will probably be busting at the seams to get out and celebrate with you.

An Island Hideaway is an ideal Gold Coast beach wedding destination both indoor and outdoor weddings. In late afternoon, it will make you appreciate the beautiful sunsets. The grass seems more lush and green than any other time of year. The trees are beginning to shed leaves from deciduous trees and the flowers are starting to bloom, providing the most gorgeous backdrop for your wedding day. Nothing is more beautiful than the nature in bloom. Every color theme you choose will be complement by the natural spring colors.