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Beach Weddings - Flashback Friday Carrie & Peter

Beach Weddings – Flashback Friday Carrie & Peter

We are having a flashback Friday all the way back to the 15th of September 2006 when Carrie & her husband Peter were married at our beach weddings destination!

Since having one of the most special days in their life nine years ago they have had two beautiful little girls & a perfect life to show for it.

Here is what they think of our beach weddings destination & their life now…

“We were married on the 15th September 2006. It was the most amazing day ? Many still says it is by far the best wedding they have been to. We found it after wanting something a bit different. We wanted our guests to have an experience, not just rock up somewhere for ceremony, then head to a hotel/golf club etc. We wanted private and exclusive destination that our guests wouldn’t have to drive or change places or be bored with a big break between. We had lots of people from NSW so we hired a bus and picked everyone up along the highway from Palm Beach all the way to the Marina. Well we now live back in NSW and have 2 little girls. Our Lily is 4 & Mali is 2 next month. We still enjoy looking back at our pics & what a wonderful day it was. We are both very relaxed & easy going people so for us it was perfect :)”

All of the team at An Island Hideaway are so grateful that we could make their day so special for Carrie & Peter! It is so wonderful to still receive so much positive feedback after nine years! We are so extremely happy for the both of you and we can tell how content you are with the life you have made as a family. We wish you all of the love and happiness in the world…

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