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Beach Weddings - Anzac Day

Beach Weddings – Anzac Day

At our Beach Weddings venue our staff are very patriotic and so extremely proud to be Australian, we can’t wait to be a part of the one hundredth anniversary. We want to celebrate everything that these brave men have done for our country.

Where will you be this Anzac Day? Our Beach Weddings team will be up extremely early paying our respects at Currumbin’s dawn service.

Anzac Day is all about recognising the courage, strength, hardship, skills and mateship that was forged during a time that can never be forgotten. It makes me feel so amazed and proud when everyone rallies together on this special day to show their love, support, honour and gratitude to the people who fought and made it home and of course for the ones that didn’t all those years ago as well as those who are the modern day Anzac’s and have fought in other wars such as Afghanistan.

We live in a world now where you couldn’t imagine what these people went through. Every day we work with gorgeous couples for their Beach Weddings destination dream and that is our job, but for these men their job was to fight for our country and that is exactly what they did. These brave men gave us the privilege to be sitting here now and loving the country that we live in and the job that we do… So thank you Anzac’s!

If you can’t make it down to one of the many locations to pay your respects on this 100th anniversary then make sure you find the time during your day to have at least one minute of silence for them <3

Once again our Beach Weddings team take our hats off to all of the people who are involved in serving our country and of course their families and friends who have supported them.

Lest we forget.1361173126_anzac_gallipoli

140695-anzac-day  Anzac Day