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Australian Beach Weddings - Roxy & Matt

Australian Beach Weddings – Roxy & Matt

Have you ever wondered why vintage weddings have become so popular?

We have done a bit of research and this is what we have found…

A lot of people feel that the rustic theme is a very affordable and yes it definitely can be, especially if you have gone completely creative and are using mason jars from op shops as your centerpieces, however we feel that having a rustic theme can be done in so many different ways that it really gives you so much room for exciting planning times ahead! There is something so capturing and calming about being surrounded with things that aren’t always so perfect but when put together can make a room look breathtaking.

Our Australian beach weddings destination, An Island Hideaway, is such an exclusive destination and we can’t think of anything better than having beachy, rustic, ocean, nature themes throughout your reception room and ceremony!

Roxy and Matt, who were married at our Australian beach weddings destination two years ago and executed their vintage theme beautifully. Roxy looked absolutely perfect in her strapless, lacy, white gown with an outstanding train that flowed effortlessly and Matt fit into the vintage theme like a glove… He was wearing a light grey suit with a newsboy cap to top it off.

Their reception room was decorated with lace hanging from the windows, a lolly buffet, mason jars filled with twine and baby’s-breath, as well as different coloured jars and fairy lights. Roxy and Matt also had a very vintage window that was set up like a photo board with pictures from their childhood! It was such a beautiful wedding and their theming was impeccable.

Check out some photos below of our Australian beach weddings destination set up for Roxy and Matt’s vintage themed wedding!

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Photographer; Kylie Maree – KM Studios


Australian Beach Weddings

Australian Beach Weddings

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Australian Beach Weddings

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Australian Beach Weddings