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Gold Coast Wedding Venue - Priscilla & Gerald

Gold Coast Wedding Venue – Priscilla & Gerald

Priscilla, our beautiful and brave bride recently shared with us her very emotional medical and wedding journey. Their special day was heart-warming. The team at An Island Hideaway, Wedding Venue Gold Coast, are so thankful to have played a part in their big day. Priscilla reminds us that life is a gift and we should never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment…


….Gerard and I recently got married at An Island Hideaway. After 5 years together and facing many challenges, on 6th January 2017, Gerard popped the question! He and I are getting a little ‘long in tooth’, so we never intended on having a long engagement, and also both knowing how precious and fleeting our time here on earth is (both my parents and Gerard’s father had passed on). Little did we know life had one more unpleasant challenge for us to face. Later that month I was rushed to hospital suffering a very rare complication of the incurable autoimmune condition Systemic Sclerosis called Sleradermic Renal Crisis. It has a 95 precent fatality rate and at my worst, Doctors told my new fiancé and daughters I had four hours to live.

As you would expect, I was not pleased. I waited 40 years to marry the right man and when he finally asks me to be his wife, life with it’s twisted sense of humour decides to send us the biggest ‘SIKE’ in recent history!! Well, despite the odds being against me, I wasn’t having a bar of that! So I decided to call on my close contacts from the ‘other side’ to see if they could negotiate on my behalf (lol). Intervene they did…ten days after being rushed to the hospital I was discharged.

Prior to these events, I had rung the number of a beautiful little place I had found a year earlier called An Island Hideaway (Wedding Venue Gold Coast), and spoke to the beautiful Michele and she booked our wedding in for 1st April, 2017. With the assistance of my hubby-to-be, my beautiful sister Rebecca and the fabulous Kimmy and Michele, we organised the wedding from my hospital bed. Everyone was determined to get me down the aisle. I WAS going to get my happy ending come hell or Cyclone Debbie!

Yes, Cyclone Debbie. A week out from the wedding, the worst cyclone since Yasi developed off the Far North Queensland Coast where most of Gerard’s family live. Great, I thought to myself, but undeterred, we forged ahead. I wasn’t worried as I had connections on the ‘other side’. That faith was rewarded 10 fold come the wedding day, as the sky cleared and the rain stopped.

My ‘connections’ had one more surprise for myself and my new husband… after the ceremony, the most spectacular sunset Gerard and I (and even our photographer Stuart) had ever seen was on display. It was brilliant. My Mum and Dad had turned on the lights for us and what a show it was. We have been told repeatedly that our day was the best wedding many of our guests had ever been too. It was full of love and emotion and, in my opinion, held at the most perfect location to ever exist. From the food to the staff, the location was amazing.

The day was already so special because I made it there, but Michele, Kimmy and all the crew made it perfect. Gerard and I are living a quiet married life now. I continue to work on my recovery with the Doctors, getting stronger every day. From the bottom of both our hearts, congratulations guys, words will never express how truly magical your big hearts are- you made our day very special.

Biggest hugs and warmest regards,

Priscilla and Gerard Clay

P.S Happy to use my ‘connections’ to wrangle stunning sunsets and clear days for any future Bride and Groom’s


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Today, tomorrow and the days to come, be thankful and remember how rich you are. Your family/friends are priceless, your time is gold and your health is wealth.
Love the AIH team – Wedding Venue Gold Coast


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Priscilla + Gerard @ Stradbroke

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