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Gold Coast Event Venue – How to pick the Perfect Menu for any Event

Gold Coast Event Venue – How to pick the Perfect Menu for any Event

Congratulations! You’ve picked the perfect Gold Coast Event Venue for your next function. It wasn’t easy, but you found the perfect location to suit everyone. Time to breathe a sigh of relief and relax a little, right? Well, maybe not just yet… Now you have to feed everyone.

One of the most memorable parts of any of function is the food that is presented. The weather might be terrible, the entertainment may not be very entertaining, but if you get the menu right then your event is sure to be a success. The simple truth is that your function will be judged on the food that you select. How can you ensure your event will be the talk of the town for all of the right reasons? Talinga Retreat is happy to share with you our tips for picking the perfect menu to compliment your Gold Coast Event Venue.


Cater to the Event Size:

When selecting your ideal event menu, always keep your guest numbers in mind. Are you planning a large event where you will need to feed the masses? Then a cocktail menu with a wide variety of selection will not only be easier to serve, but will cater to a large range of tastes. Are you planning a small event with only a few people? Then adding a personal touch to your food choices is a sure way to make sure that your guests feel important. Don’t forget to confirm your guest numbers as well as any allergies, so you have the right amount and types of food available for your guests.


Cater to the Event Timeframe:

Is your function a family friendly event scheduled for midday? Then make sure you offer a light lunch that is easy to put together and carry around. Or are you planning a gala dinner event instead? Then a sit down alternate-drop menu made from exclusive local produce is sure to impress. Your guests will expect certain kinds of food at certain times of the day, and meeting their expectations will stand you in good stead. In line with this, it’s also crucial to remember the time you have allocated at your venue. It’s possible that a sit-down meal for 200 guests in a venue you have reserved for two hours might not be the best idea.


Cater to the Event Atmosphere:

Every event has a guiding purpose or theme. What’s yours? Are you rewarding your staff with a day of relaxation? Then ‘grazing stations’ where guests create their own meals will suit the stress-free feel of the day. Are you planning a team-building day where the menu isn’t the focus of the day? Then a fun and easy cocktail menu will hit the spot. Or are you planning an extravagant event to be remembered for years to come? Then the sky is the limit! Matching your menu to your purpose will ensure a smoothly run event and satisfied guests. Keep in mind that all of our senses play a part in the food we enjoy. Presentation is key, making sure that the food on offer looks and smells just as good as it tastes.


Our Final Advice:

Food is and should always be fun! It’s an experience to be shared and enjoyed with those around us. By keeping these few simple things in mind, your event menu is sure to be a success. Gold Coast Event Venue, Talinga Retreat, is happy to work with you to create the ideal menu that will make your function the talk of the town for all the right reasons!