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Gold Coast Weddings – Charon & Mick

Gold Coast Weddings – Charon & Mick

I don’t think that there could have been any better way to spend my Wednesday on the 9th of September than to be celebrating Charon and Mick’s big day at our Gold Coast Weddings venue!

These two were such a beautiful couple and were so laid back when it came to their wedding day. They celebrated the love that they share with 34 of their closest friends and family on our beach landing.

Mick and a few of his lucky guests arrived at the wedding in style by flying around the main guest vessel and over our Gold Coast Beach Weddings destination in a helicopter! They were then picked up in our four wheel drive and brought to the ceremony. We wish we were in that helicopter with him because it looked fantastic and was definitely a great way to make a grand entrance.

This was such a big day for the both of them as they were about to start their married life together but they had also booked our Gold Coast Weddings destination without coming on a site inspection so for the both of them it was the first time that they were getting to experience the island. It was such an amazing feeling to see the look on Charon’s face when she first arrived and to speak with them later and have them both express how blown away they are by the venue. It’s a big risk to take and one that certainly paid off for them because they were beyond happy.

During Charon and Mick’s Gold Coast Weddings beach ceremony they incorporated a ring warming tradition that I haven’t seen before. The rings are passed around amongst all of the guests for each person to say a silent blessing and share their love before the bride and groom wear them. This is a fantastic idea and one that I hope to see more of.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Birch I was honoured to have worked with such beautiful people.

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Photographs courtesy of the wonderful, Diana Wakeham Photography.