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Wedding Venues Gold Coast – Candice Gardner

On the 24th of April 2014, Candice Forrester and Wayne Gardner became Mr and Mrs Gardner at our Wedding Venues Gold Coast, An Island Hideaway! Since then Candice has gone on to start photographing weddings herself. What a fantastic career path to come out of having your own wedding.

It is absolutely wonderful to be able to have our beautiful past brides in our future and getting involved in the wedding industry. Candice Gardner is just starting out on her path and we wish her all of the very best! Her photography skills are beautiful so make sure that you have a look at her work it could just be your style.

At our Wedding Venues Gold Coast destination we love this opportunity that we have been given to give a shout out to Candice Gardner and we are more than happy to help our brides in any way possible, whether it be in planning your wedding now, hosting your wedding over the weekend or staying in touch for the years to come and helping to get your name out there or to have you working side by side us in the future. Our relationships are not just formed for the day of your wedding but we hope for a lifetime.

Click this link to have a look at Candice Gardner’s photography skills and we have also posted some photos below of when Candice Gardner was married out An Island Hideaway.

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Gold Coast Weddings – Charon & Mick

I don’t think that there could have been any better way to spend my Wednesday on the 9th of September than to be celebrating Charon and Mick’s big day at our Gold Coast Weddings venue!

These two were such a beautiful couple and were so laid back when it came to their wedding day. They celebrated the love that they share with 34 of their closest friends and family on our beach landing.

Mick and a few of his lucky guests arrived at the wedding in style by flying around the main guest vessel and over our Gold Coast Beach Weddings destination in a helicopter! They were then picked up in our four wheel drive and brought to the ceremony. We wish we were in that helicopter with him because it looked fantastic and was definitely a great way to make a grand entrance.

This was such a big day for the both of them as they were about to start their married life together but they had also booked our Gold Coast Weddings destination without coming on a site inspection so for the both of them it was the first time that they were getting to experience the island. It was such an amazing feeling to see the look on Charon’s face when she first arrived and to speak with them later and have them both express how blown away they are by the venue. It’s a big risk to take and one that certainly paid off for them because they were beyond happy.

During Charon and Mick’s Gold Coast Weddings beach ceremony they incorporated a ring warming tradition that I haven’t seen before. The rings are passed around amongst all of the guests for each person to say a silent blessing and share their love before the bride and groom wear them. This is a fantastic idea and one that I hope to see more of.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Birch I was honoured to have worked with such beautiful people.

Contact us for more information about our Gold Coast Weddings venue.

Photographs courtesy of the wonderful, Diana Wakeham Photography.

Gold Coast Island Wedding – Trending Wedding Favours

Over the last few weeks at our Gold Coast Island Wedding destination we have been seeing some amazing wedding favours and a lot of the time these are items that get left to the last minute.

We thought we would share some ideas to help you out when planning what you will be doing for your special day because after all this is a very special gift that your friends and family get to have as a keepsake.

Idea #1: Succulents – Succulents are such a fantastic idea because they are something that you don’t have to water regularly so you can get them nice and early before your wedding and they won’t die! It is the perfect gift for people who don’t have the greenest of thumbs but want a lasting memory of the evening. This is also an alternate to having flowers on the table and adds colour to the room.

Gold Coast Island Wedding

Idea #2: Candles – These and Succulents have been the most popular at the moment. Candles are such a great idea as almost everyone loves a beautiful smelling candle so you can’t go wrong.


Idea # 3: Mason jars filled with candy – the perfect idea for people with a sweet tooth and a great addition for your guests as a mini lolly buffet just for them.

mason jars

Idea # 3: Donuts – Our Gold Coast Island Wedding venue recently hosted a wedding where they brought donuts and cronuts for all of their guests… Let’s just say that we haven’t seen adults that happy in a long time. These are a huge hit!


Idea # 4: Salt & Pepper Shakers – this is a very cute idea and something that the guests will have in their house forever and use very frequently. A cute idea would be to get some that are in the shape of a love heart or 2 doves kissing.


At our Gold Coast Island Wedding venue we see some fantastic ideas. Contact us if you have any queries.


Gold Coast Beach Wedding – Heather and Mark

On the 12th of September 2015 the gorgeous Heather and Mark became Mr and Mrs French at our Gold Coast Beach Wedding destination, An Island Hideaway!

What a beautiful couple and amazing bunch of friends and family who were lucky enough to share this special day with Heather and Mark. Our Gold Coast Beach Wedding destination had been prepared all day by the staff and by 3.30pm we were ready for this wedding to finally happen.

The gorgeous couple said their I do’s in our beach side chapel with the ocean breeze coming through and ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perry playing through the speakers as the flower girl, bridesmaids and of course the bride walked down the aisle.  It was such a magical moment when Heather and Mark caught eyes before being pronounced Mr and Mrs French.

Our Gold Coast Beach Wedding reception room was decorated in our beach theme with our bamboo runner which lined the centre of the tables, large hurricane vases filled with sand and candles as the centre pieces as well as blue vases that were placed on each of the tables with flowers in them and mason jars with wooden table numbers to direct the guests. The perfect finishing touch was sand, shells and blue stones scattered down the runners to complement the beach theme that Heather and Mark wanted for their special day.

It was a fantastic evening full of love, family and laughter and we are so glad that Mr and Mrs French choose to spend their special day with us.

For more information on your Gold Coast Beach Wedding contact us here.

Suppliers that assisted on the day are listed below:

Celebrant; Gary Taylor

Hair and Makeup; Forever Moore

Photographer; Tux & Veils


Gold Coast Function Venue – How to choose your wedding venue

So you have finally been asked by the man of your dreams to marry him so what’s next?

There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding for example what is your budget? What sort of theme are you going for? Do you want to have a traditional wedding? How do you find the perfect venue?

Don’t fear though because our Gold Coast Function Venue has some things to keep in mind when choosing a venue to make life a little easier for you.

This first thing you need to do is sit down and think about your budget. There is no point having all of these amazing ideas and going to vendors when you really don’t know what you can afford. So make sure you plan ahead!

Once you have got your budget sorted, you need to start jotting down your guest numbers. This is one of the most vital parts of planning your wedding as you need to know roughly how many people you will have at your wedding because the day, venue, price and inclusions depends on this aspect. You need to have this information to see if the venues that you will be going to can cater to your guest numbers and also the style of your wedding. For example, if you are having a beach, garden or chapel wedding, keeping in mind that our venue can cater to all of these, you will need to know how many people can fit at each of the different styles.  

Our main piece of advice that our Gold Coast Function Venue would like to give you is to ask questions! Don’t be scared to sit down with the venue and ask as many questions as you need so that you feel comfortable in your decision to pick the perfect venue for your big day. After all you only do this once so it needs to be perfect!

Contact our Gold Coast Function Venue destination to see what we have to offer.


Queensland Beach Wedding Venue – Engagement destinations

Our Queensland Beach Wedding Venue is obviously an unforgettable destination to get married but we thought we would tell you about some amazing places to propose in Queensland as well!

Here is our top four picks;

Number one; Noosa Heads!

If you haven’t been to Noosa before then you are missing out. Noosa heads is such an enchanting destination with parklands, clear blue water and rock cliff faces that you will have an endless amount of places to choose from when popping the big question.


Number two; Burleigh Heads

This is the perfect destination if you are wanting a location with gorgeous views and a destination that you can pull up a rug and enjoy each other’s uninterrupted company. There is a beautiful nature walk around Burleigh Heads where you can get lost in the serenity and feel as though you are in a majestic wonderland.


Number three; Brisbane – This is for the city lovers

If you are a city lover then taking your partner on the story bridge climb to propose would be not only set the heights for excitement but also new heights for love.

storey bridge

Number four; Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is full of pristine beaches with a laid back environment and the perfect backdrop to celebrate this moment of your life. You can choose to enjoy your surroundings or take the plunge on a magnificent boat or jet ski for the day.

magnetic island

I will give you a perfect secret destination that is our last and one of the most important picks. This Queensland Beach Wedding Venue is made up of four acres of silent, exclusive beach vibes. It is located on 45 minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast and its foundation is the National Park of South Stradbroke Island…. You guessed it our secret destination is An Island Hideaway!an island hideaway


Contact us here for more information on our Queensland Beach Wedding Venue.

Gold Coast Ceremony Venues – Tips for popping the question!

The team here at our Gold Coast Ceremony Venues destination have some fantastic tips for the men of today who are thinking of taking the plunge and popping the question to their loved one. Make sure you take these on board… Good luck

Tip #1:

You should know that she wants to get married to you! Don’t ask the question if you aren’t sure. The last thing you want is to go and spend all of your money, time and energy organising a proposal (especially if you get friends and family involved) and she says no…Embarrassing!

Gold Coast Ceremony Venues

Tip #2:

Make it personal! Asking the question can become a very clichéd event but if you make it personal then you will both have something that nobody else in the world has and that is exactly what you are going for.

Gold Coast Ceremony Venues

Tip #3:

Make sure that you take a knee! This may be one of the biggest clichéd parts of an engagement but trust me it is not one that you want to miss! You will have fulfilled her every dream because trust me girls dream about this day and having the man of their dreams down on one knee so make it a reality.


Tip #4:

PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect and for this moment you want it to be perfect because it will be spoken about for years to come. Make sure you practise exactly what you want to say and nail it. Give her everything she wants to hear and you will come out of it with a tearful fiancé.


At our Gold Coast Ceremony Venues destination we can cater for a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, surprises, corporate functions and engagement parties. So if you are looking for the perfect secluded venue then look no further and contact us now. We will assure your engagement is not only the best day of her life but it will be the best day of yours too.

Sarah + Jake HiRes 0613

Destination Wedding Gold Coast – Top Honeymoon Locations

Seeing as we are a Destination Wedding Gold Coast venue, we thought we would let you in on our Top 5 honeymoon destinations.

  1. Bora Bora, Tahiti


Bora Bora is the epitome of the most perfect postcard worthy South Pacific Island. Whether you choose to relax amongst the white sand or go horseback riding along the lush mountain trails that make up Bora Bora you are sure to have the most breathtaking, romantic honeymoon.

Destination Wedding Gold Coast

  1. The Maldives


The Maldives have over 50 exclusive resort islands which offer you your choice of a tranquil destination. It will give you the opportunity to savour all of the intimate moments that you share together on this once in a lifetime trip.

the maldives

  1. Maui, Hawaii

This is a favourite for newlyweds all around the world and is the number one honeymoon destination in Hawaii. Maui has stunning waterfalls, volcanic peaks that are not to be missed and a tropical rainforest that will make you want to get up early and start hiking!


  1. Mauritius


Mauritius is known as ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’! This is a tropical paradise and is famous for its outstanding natural beauty of tropical beaches, crystal clear water and bright blue skies.

Destination Wedding Gold Coast

  1. Santorini, Greece


This outstanding island is considered to be the most beautiful of all the Greek Islands! Don’t let the cost put you off enjoying your honeymoon here because Santorini offers the perfect destination for romance including breathtaking views, resorts, food and wine.

Destination Wedding Gold Coast


We have a fantastic deal with Flight Centre Robina at the moment that gives you $100 off your honeymoon price! If you would like more information contact our Destination Wedding Gold Coast, An Island Hideaway, here.