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Queensland Beach Wedding Venue – An Island Hideaway

Why should you choose to get married at our Queensland Beach Wedding Venue, An Island Hideaway?

Are you looking for a venue that has a rustic and relaxed feel yet still offers five star service? If so, you will fall completely in love with An Island Hideaway as soon as you step of the boat and onto our four acres of beautiful property that is hidden away in the amazing National Park of South Stradbroke Island.

If you are looking for a destination wedding venue that is something out of the ordinary and an experience then An Island Hideaway is it! Not only do we have an amazing in-house wedding coordinator with you 100 per cent of the way helping you make the tough decisions and then being there with you on the day but you have an amazing little team supporting you and making sure that your dreams become a reality.

We are a very small team here and that is the exact way that we like it! We are able to ensure that all of our brides & grooms are looked after solely by all of us and aren’t passed on from one person to another. We are there for the meet and greet of the groom and guests, we serve and look after everyone on the guest boat to the island, we work on the island catering to everyone’s individual needs and then we come home with the guests and the bride and groom to cap the night off.

Our Queensland Beach Wedding Venue is a place that offers such a stress–free environment and we want couples and guests to be able to enjoy every single second that they are in our presence.

To say that we love what we do would be an understatement!

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Queensland Beach Wedding Venue

Bridal Change Room

Queensland Beach Wedding Venue

Beach Landing Ceremony


Fisherman’s Wharf – Guests Meet and Greet


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Our twinkling dance floor

Queensland Beach Wedding Venue


Secluded surf-side

Queensland Beach Wedding Venue

Queensland Beach Wedding Venue

Queensland Beach Wedding Venue

Open-air beach side chapel


Beach Weddings – Stephanie Scott Fundraiser

All of the staff from our Beach Weddings destination are still so upset by the tragedy of what happened to Stephanie Scott, her family, friends, community and fiance. There was so much said on the situation at the time but we feel like it has somewhat been lost.

This is definitely a subject that we still hold so close to our hearts and are trying to keep the awareness raised as much as possible. The team from our Beach Weddings destination did a little bit of research to see how we could further help the family of Stephanie Scott and we have found this.

‘A fundraising appeal to help the family of Stephanie Scott has already attracted thousands of dollars worth of support.

Leeton man, Brad Mckinnon helped set up the appeal with his wife Teresa to ease the pressure on the family in the wake of the tragedy.

Mr Mckinnon works with Ms Scott’s partner, Aaron Leeson-Woolley, at the Leeton abattoir and was overwhelmed when told the fund had raised $3000 in just three hours.

“It’s going to go a long way to help the family out on a lot of things,” he said.

“It’s a community support and it’s great that people are already helping the family out.”

To donate to the appeal, visit and follow the instructions.’

Information from:

We hope if anyone has anything to spare, they can donate and make the struggle of this family’s lives a little easier.

From all of the staff at our Beach Weddings destination, An Island Hideaway, we are still wishing you all the best and sending our love and prayers your way.

Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings


Wedding Venues Gold Coast – Abbygal & Justin

Our Wedding Venues Gold Coast, An Island Hideaway is a calm 45 minute boat cruise from the heart of the Gold Coast and travels along the broadwater passing beautiful secluded islands until it arrives at An Island Hideaway.

We are a multi-award winning Gold Coast ceremony and reception venue and we specialise in weddings with a difference that transform your dreams of a beautiful island beach wedding into reality. Our secluded island wedding paradise is yours to enjoy exclusively for your special day and we are with you every step of the way to ensure a completely stress-free island wedding and I am sure that is exactly what we delivered for the lovely Abbygal and Justin.

Abbygal & Justin had such a beautiful big group of family and friends that were all around to share their excitement and love for their special day on Sunday the 22nd of February 2015. Abbygal travelled over to our Wedding Venues Gold Coast earlier to relax and get ready with her bridesmaids in our beach side bridal change room. While the girls were on the island the boys were on the mainland getting ready and meeting all of their family and friends at Fisherman’s Wharf.

As the clock ticked around to 4pm it was time to get these two lovebirds hitched! Gary Taylor, our recommended celebrant was waiting at the end of the aisle with Justin and watched the lovely ladies walk down one by one until it was Abbygal’s turn and wow did she look beautiful!

Justin and Abbygal became husband and wife within a flash and everyone was cheering and ready for the celebration to begin.

Congratulations to this lovely pair on your special day that was celebrated at our Wedding Venues Gold Coast! We wish your marriage and life together so much success and happiness for the future ahead.

Photographer: Romana Saeheng Photography

To enquire about our wedding packages, please contact us here.

Wedding Venues Gold Coast


1  Wedding Venues Gold Coast

Wedding Venues Gold Coast

Wedding Venues Gold Coast

Wedding Venues Gold Coast

Gold Coast Weddings – Erin & Jamie

Our four acre slice of beautiful South Stradbroke Island was the destination for Erin and Jamie’s Gold Coast Weddings celebration on the 10th of April 2015. Erin and her four gorgeous bridesmaids, her mother and our recommended photographer Diana Wakeham travelled over to An Island Hideaway on a private water taxi for some girl time and final preparations before Jamie and their guests arrived.

Erin definitely looked like she was radiating love and happiness as she set off for our Gold Coast Weddings destination and everyone seemed very prepared the big day ahead!

While the girls were relaxing on the island and doing their final touches, Jamie was hanging out with his four closest friends and getting ready for the ride of a life into his wedding day! Erin and Jamie’s 108 family & friends all met at Fisherman’s Wharf and travelled over to the island together on the main guest vessel. However Jamie was flying high in the sky with his groomsmen whilst taking in the amazing views on his helicopter ride to the island… What a fantastic way to make an entrance?!

It was finally time for Erin and Jamie to tie the knot and make each other’s dreams of being together forever become a reality! Our recommended celebrant Gary Taylor married these two lovebirds in our beach side chapel and had the cheers of their friends and family as they rung the chapel bell to declare their love. Then it was off to the Bali hut for the signing of the register and that is where Erin and Jamie were officially declared a MARRIED COUPLE!

Congratulations to these two lovely people on your wedding day at our Gold Coast Weddings destination, An Island Hideaway. We are so pleased that you chose to spend one of the most important days of your life with us <3

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Gold Coast Weddings

Gold Coast Weddings

Gold Coast Weddings

Gold Coast Weddings

Erin & Jamie-599

Gold Coast Beach Wedding – Debbie & Tim

Our Gold Coast Beach Wedding venue really turned on the sunshine for Debbie, Tim and their massive group of family and friends on the 20th of March 2015! The sun was shining so bright and was picture perfect. Debbie and Tim chose one of our recommended photographers Deanne Keefe to be there every step of the way so that they didn’t miss any part of their special day.

Tim and his groomsmen travelled on the main guest boat, Spirit of Gold Coast, with his family and friends on the 45 minute journey to An Island Hideaway. While he was preparing himself for the big day ahead, Debbie was already on the island with her mum, bridesmaids and gorgeous children.

It wasn’t long before Tim arrived and it was time to get these two hitched! Gary Taylor, our recommended celebrant joined Debbie and Tim in holy matrimony on our beach landing which overlooks the stunning broadwater. You just couldn’t wipe the smile off Debbie’s face and we were so glad to see everyone enjoying themselves and the fantastic weather.

Debbie & Tim’s Gold Coast Beach Wedding was filled with laughter and joy and lots of little ones running around and having the time of their life in our gardens and on the sand! I think that their parents would have been very happy when their children were entertaining themselves and making them nice and sleepy!

Deanne caught some lovely photos of the newlyweds over at the surf side while everyone back at our Gold Coast Beach Wedding destination was enjoying pre-dinner drinks and canapés in our beautiful gardens.

Congratulations to Debbie and Tim on your special day at An Island Hideaway! We wish you all of the best for your bright and long happy future ahead.

If you would like to know more about us, please contact us here.






Island Wedding Venues Queensland– Theresa & Adriaan

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… This is the word that best describes Theresa and Adriaan!

This lovely couple that were originally from the gorgeous land of South Africa, celebrated their special day at our Island Wedding Venues Queensland. Nothing was getting in the way of Theresa and Adriaan getting married, not even a bit of rain…

Theresa blew our socks off when she stepped out of the bridal change room and started walking down the aisle to the man of her dreams while the song A Thousand Years played in the background. Adriaan had a smile on his face that was from ear to ear. Our Island Wedding Venues Queensland was blown away with the amount of love that these two shared and we were truly blessed to be working with them.

Our reception room was styled with two toned bamboo runners, sand sprinkled down the center, assorted shells scattered from one end to the other and tea light candles that gave the room a warm glow. There was a silver tone to their name cards with a splash of coral to add some vibrant colour. Theresa and Adriaan gave yummy little bonbonnieres that were filled with sweet treats. There special day was very nice and intimate with thirty six of their most loved family and friends eating, drinking, sharing love and long lasting memories together.

Our Island Wedding Venues Queensland was home once again to our amazing recommended photographer Kylie Maree and our fantastic recommended celebrant Gary Taylor. Kylie was right there every step of the way to ensure that she captured every little thing that was happening whilst Gary was the man who made their dreams come true and married them in our beach side chapel on the 21st of  February 2015.

Congratulations Theresa and Adriaan! We wish you all the best for your future together.

Contact us here for more information about our wedding venue.


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Gold Coast Function Venue – Emma & Daniel

Well this was a great surprise and something that was so amazing to be a part of! Our Gold Coast Function Venue was meant to be a party for Daniel’s 30th birthday on the 28th February 2015, little did everyone know that it was actually the day that Emma and Daniel were to be married!

All of their guests thought they were travelling on Spirit of Gold Coast to our Gold Coast Function Venue for a party and that is what they were ready for but then received the greatest surprise as they stepped off the boat and were told they were not only there to celebrate Daniel’s 30th Birthday but to also be a part of and celebrate their wedding!

Emma, Daniel and there gorgeous children traveled over to the island before their guests and got ready in separate rooms before meeting in the lush gardens to see each other for the first time on their special day! It was truly remarkable to be a part of something so special <3

All of the guests celebrated the announcement by taking a group shot on the beach where Emma and Daniel said their “I do’s”. Leah from Follett Photography (one of our amazing recommended photographers) was there every step of the way making sure she captured all of the beautiful moments.

While the guests mingled in our Gold Coast Function Venue gardens, Emma and Daniel escaped to the surf side for some one on one time as Mr and Mrs. Leah really captured the beauty that these two share as did Geoff from Motion Art. Geoff was there filming every little detail of their day so that it could be remembered forever…

Contact us if you would like to know more about our Gold Coast Function Venue.

Celebrant: Gary Taylor

Photographer: Follett Photography

Videographer: Motion Art



Gold Coast Function Venue






Gold Coast Function Venue

Gold Coast Function Venue


Gold Coast Function Venue





Gold Coast Function Venue

Gold Coast Ceremony Venue – Karli & Tim

WOW! That is the best word to describe these two lovebirds <3 Karli & Tim are two very beautiful people who make you feel extremely happy when you see them together.

Karli was such a stunning bride. She just looked absolutely flawless when she stepped foot off the luxury catamaran, Possmm that brought her to our Gold Coast Ceremony Venue. Karli and Tim were surrounded by 72 of their closest friends and family as they shared their love for one another on the 21st of March 2015.

The one and only Kylie from KM Studios was very close by to capture every moment of their wedding day and she didn’t miss one of them. If it was the boys at Fisherman’s Wharf about to board the main guest vessel or Karli making her way to our Gold Coast Ceremony Venue or Tim’s eyes filling with tears the moment he saw his soon to be wife…Kylie was there for it all and this is why she is one of our recommended suppliers!

Karli & Tim were married in our beach side chapel by the outstanding celebrant, Gary Taylor. They lit gorgeous candles with their names, date of their wedding and some really heart-warming words that read ‘Marriage is a journey through time, a journey born of two hearts filled with dreams yet to come’. This represented their commitment to one another and was a fantastic way to end their ceremony.

Our Gold Coast Ceremony Venue was filled with splashes of grey, sand, shells and candles that made their reception room glow! They had gorgeous little bonbonnieres for each guest which finished off the room perfectly.

Karli, Tim and their bridal party truly were a treat to work with and we wish them all of the best for their lives together <3

If you would like to know more about our Gold Coast Ceremony Venue, please feel free to contact us here.

Wedding Venue Gold Coast

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