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Wedding Venues Gold Coast – Katharine & Jason

On the 23rd of August 2015, Katharine and Jason tied the knot at one of Australia’s most beautiful wedding venues Gold Coast.

An Island Hideaway is located in the tranquil national park and bushland on South Stradbroke Island. For those who don’t k now who we are, we are the Gold Coast’s best kept secret, the wedding venue with a difference. We offer you an exclusive venue. It true!!! Your family and friends will feel like they have been whisked away on a holiday.

As a lot of our grooms do, Jason joined his family and friends on the main guest vessel, cruising the beautiful Gold Coast waterways and taking in the sites and leaving the silhouette of the city in the distance.  Katharine chose to travel in style and flew to the venue in a seaplane, landing right on the beach outside the venue. She made her grand entrance before tying the knot with Jason overlooking the tranquil Broadwater on our beach landing.

DJ NikNat set the scene with some fantastic tunes while family and friends were treated to a delicious assortment of hot and cold canapés. Our amazing in-house team is there every step of the way to ensure we deliver the best Gold Coast weddings and remain the best of the best wedding venues Gold Coast.

Watching Katharine and Jason’s first dance to “Thinking out Loud” was a timely reminder that An Island Hideaway is such a unique venue, there really isn’t a venue that does what we do.

The fabulous photographers from KM Studios captured the occasion and the shots were gorgeous.

We would like to wish Katharine and Jason all the best from all at An Island Hideaway we wish you a life of love and laughter. We are honoured that you chose An Island Hideaway for your celebrations and are glad to announce we have some fantastic specials for 2016.

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Gold Coast Weddings – Brooke & Max

On the 5th of September 2015, Brooke and Max had one of the most beautiful Gold Coast Weddings.

Our gorgeous venue is located on four acres of beautiful national park and bushland on South Stradbroke Island. We offer you an exclusive venue, so you can share your special day with loved ones in the tranquillity that the venue offers. Your family and friends will feel like they have been whisked away on a holiday.

Max joined his family and friends on the main guest vessel, cruising the beautiful Gold Coast waterways. While Brooke chose to travel to the island early via water taxi to soak up the atmosphere and relax before the arrival of her guests.

We love when couples choose to spend their special day with us, so our team works tirelessly to ensure we deliver the best Gold Coast Weddings.

It was such an amazing moment watching Brooke walk down the isle to “Can’t help falling” while their celebrant, Gary Taylor was on hand to deliver yet another beautiful ceremony.

Photographers, Golden Moments were bought up from Sydney to shoot the big day and the couple took advantage of the wonderful photo locations An Island Hideaway offers both in the bush and on the beach.

Brooke and Max chose a great selection of canapés and the guests loved the smoked salmon rounds and the chefs signature salt and pepper calamari.

After devouring the delicious offering on the buffet the couple enjoyed their first dance and they danced the night away on the dancefloor.

We would like to wish Brooke and Max all the best in their onward journey as husband and wife, from all at An Island Hideaway we wish you a life of smiles and happiness. We are honoured that you chose An Island Hideaway for your celebrations and are glad to announce we have some fantastic specials for 2016.

Please head to the special offers page on our website or like us on Facebook to receive all the news from our team…

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Gold Coast Weddings

Gold Coast Weddings

Gold Coast Weddings

Gold Coast Island Wedding – Stephanie & Braydn

On the 18h of October, Stephanie and Braydn were married at our Gold Coast Island Wedding venue! We are located on four acres of beautiful national park and bushland on South Stradbroke Island. We offer an exclusive venue for loved ones to come and share your special day with you and feel like they have been whisked away on a holiday.

Braydn came speeding in on the OceanJet  jet boat while all of their friends and family were on board Spirit of Gold Coast. Braydn and 11 of his friends put on quite the show as they were doing loops around the main guest boat and jumping the wake! One of the most exciting things was that Stephanie had actually planned this as a surprise for Braydn and his friends… What a beautiful wife to be!

We just loved this couples’ relaxed and laid-back style at our Gold Coast Island Wedding venue. Both the bride and groom opted for some comfortable Converse sneakers as their choice of footwear for the day! The bride had fresh white ones on which she wasn’t scared to walk through the bush with while they were getting some intimate photographs taken.

Our Gold Coast Island Wedding venue was lucky enough to have the amazing photographers from Jashan Photography there to capture all of the gorgeous moments with the sun setting through the trees and the waves rolling in on the surf side.

We want to wish Stephanie and Braydn a massive congratulations on your wedding and we were so happy that you picked An Island Hideaway to host your Gold Coast Island Wedding. We wish you all of the best for your future together as husband and wife!

For more information about your Gold Coast Island Wedding, contact us here.

Rebekah & Scott – Gold Coast Beach Wedding

On the glorious day of Friday the 11th of September 2015, Rebekah and Scott gathered around with their friends and family at our Gold Coast Beach Wedding venue, An Island Hideaway, and declared their love for one another!

What an absolutely gorgeous sight this was. Rebekah looked like such a princess as she stepped out of our beach side bridal change room with her flowing white wedding dress and stunning yellow floral arrangements supplied by one of our amazing recommended suppliers, Wedding Flowers by Keren.

This wedding started with a bang as the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced down the aisle together to the sound of “Happy”. It was such a fantastic way to start the party off. Once they had danced their socks off it was time for our stunning bride to walk the walk which she did so elegantly and to the sound of “Just the way you are”.  Before we knew it, this couple that had been together for 13 years were finally husband and wife <3

What a beautiful celebration to be a part of!

Our gorgeous duo didn’t forget about all of the smaller details of planning a Gold Coast Beach Wedding as they had fantastic starfish for buttonholes that went with their beautifully beach themed reception room. They didn’t stop there though… Scott proposed to Rebekah in Fiji by writing “Will you marry me” in the sand so for the top tier of their cake they had written Rebekah and Scott in sand to resemble their engagement! After so many years together Rebekah and Scott didn’t miss a thing.

It was such a pleasure to have you and your family celebrate your Gold Coast Beach Wedding at our destination. We wish you all of the best in your future together as husband and wife.

Photography: Inexpensive Wedding Photography

Contact us here for more information on Gold Coast Beach Weddings.

Destination Wedding Gold Coast – Hayley & Axel

On Saturday the 17th of January 2015, Hayley and Axel were hitched at our exclusive Destination Wedding Gold Coast, An Island Hideaway. We are located on the beautiful stretch of South Stradbroke Island which is a calm boat journey of 45 minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast where you are surrounded by the raw elements of nature.

Hayley and nine of her friends and family including her photographer were gliding through the Broadwater en route to An Island Hideaway as her guests were starting to meet at Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern with the man of the hour, Axel.  This was such an exciting day for them and you could just feel the buzz being around the both of them.

As the guests boarded Spirit of Gold Coast they waved Axel goodbye because he was making a grand entrance and speeding into his wedding on a speedboat with his groomsmen. If this day wasn’t exciting enough this entrance definitely got their blood pumping.

With the sand beneath their toes and the sun shining down on them, Hayley and Axel stood on our beach landing and were married by the celebrant, Daniel Suches. Hart Me photography had the pleasure of capturing their wedding day and also filming all of the love and beauty that we could see. This is a memory that the newlyweds will have forever and we are so glad that we could be part of your Destination Wedding Gold Coast because we loved every minute of it.

If you are looking for a destination wedding venue that makes you feel like you are on a secluded island whilst still being within reach of all the amenities and services you need on the Gold Coast, then An Island Hideaway is the perfect destination for your special day.

Contact us here for more information on our Destination Wedding Gold Coast venue, An Island Hideaway.


Queensland Beach Wedding Venue – Lara & Shannon

Lara and Shannon completely and utterly blew us away with their kindness and love for each other. We can honestly say from the bottom of our hearts that it was our pleasure to work for this amazing group of people.

Shannon and Lara were married at our Queensland Beach Wedding Venue on Sunday the 20th of September 2015 with the sand beneath their feet and the sun managing to break through the clouds which turned into a beautiful sunny day just for them! Lara had two gorgeous bridesmaids and a brides-man dressed in blue to perfectly complement their beach theme, whilst Shannon had three strapping young groomsmen by his side. Shannon and his groomsmen were standing under our beach arbour and listening to the voice of their talented friend singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and playing the ukulele.  What a sight this was especially when Lara started walking down the aisle. She completely blew us away so we can only imagine what her groom-to-be, Shannon was thinking.

The singing didn’t stop there though! Once our bride, groom and guests had entered the room at our Queensland Beach Wedding Venue it was time for some well-earned food and speeches. Lara and Shannon’s speeches definitely weren’t like the normal speeches as majority of the guests were up and signing traditional New Zealand songs including the Haka. Shannon went to school with our fantastic recommended entertainer Dr Love and even he joined in on doing the Haka which was a great sight to see.

You could really tell how close this family was and we had tears in our eyes when Shannon stood up and serenaded Lara with the beautiful song, “Stand By Me” as his speech! We were honoured to be a part of this wedding and the team at An Island Hideaway wish this beautiful couple all of the love and happiness in the world!

Thank you to our amazing recommended photographer Diana Wakeham Photography who was there to capture all of the fantastic moments of this day.

For more information about having your Queensland Beach Wedding Venue at An Island Hideaway, please contact us here.




Gold Coast Wedding Reception Venue – Special!

Here at our Gold Coast Wedding Reception Venue we felt the need to give all of our wonderful customers something great to look forward to so it was time for a special!

An Island Hideaway is a magical destination all year round and we want you to see that so we have a great offer on the line. If you book our Gold Coast Wedding Reception Venue in the months of January, June or July 2016 you will receive a one hour extension worth $950 FREE OF CHARGE!! This great special is only available if you book your wedding date by the 22nd of December 2015 and if you have 60 or more guests.

Why should you get married in January you ask? Well this is the month that a lot of people still have off work due to the holiday season so it will be very easy for family and friends to travel and attend your summer beach wedding. The reason we have chosen this special to be for June and July as well is because a lot of people don’t realise how gorgeous the weather is at this time. There are lower rainfall rates, cooler climates and the island is beaming green which is perfect if you are having a garden wedding. People think that because its winter it’s too cold but we live on the Gold Coast where winter is filled with clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine.

At our Gold Coast Wedding Reception Venue we want you to have as much fun as possible so this is why we are giving you an extra hour to do that. If you haven’t made up your mind yet on which month best suites you then make sure that you keep this fantastic offer in mind and it might just be the push you needed.

December is fast approaching so make sure that you contact our Gold Coast Wedding Reception Venue as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t miss out on being able to spend an extra hour enjoying your unique wedding experience at An Island Hideaway.

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Beach Weddings – Bridal Cruise

Beach Weddings is such a huge part of the wedding industry and a massive craze still which excites us of course because we are a Beach Weddings destination. However, there is a difference about An Island Hideaway as we don’t just offer Beach Weddings. We also offer the gardens and our bush which you can turn into your rustic vintage dream or beach themed island destination. If the weather isn’t what you were expecting and it rained we have also got a beach side chapel that is completely undercover and protected from all elements. You also don’t have to worry about going to the council and trying to arrange a permit for your beach wedding as we have got you covered!

As we are such an exclusive and unique venue located on South Stradbroke Island you do have to travel by boat to get to us. It is approximately a 45 minute journey through the calm waters of the Broadwater. Of course we understand that you want to see the venue before you book your wedding so we are hosting a Bridal Cruise on the 7th of November. It is the perfect opportunity for you to come and view our magical Beach Weddings destination and travel on Spirit of Gold Coast – the guest vessel we most commonly use for our weddings so you will get a great idea of what you could experience on your very own wedding day!

If you are looking for a unique wedding venue that offers you and your guests an experience to be remembered forever without the stress of organising everything then we are the Beach Weddings destination you have been looking for!

Contact us here to find out more information about our Bridal Cruise and how you can get involved and come along an experience our slice of heaven, right on the Gold Coast. Hopefully seeing our venue will help to make your decision a lot easier!


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